Felicia and Stephanie wanted a family picture when their second son arrives. They never had professional portraits done as a family. I took pictures of their older son Jonah at their friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday party. They loved how they came out. So they contacted me for an in-home newborn/family session.

“We come from 2 different cultural backgrounds: Jewish/ Cuban and Italian. We had many disagreements, laughs and a bunch of NO WAY NEVERS…. we went through every name. We wanted a J name but couldn’t find one that every kid on the block had. We finally decided on Carson! “

Felicia likes to counsel Stephanie’s hair and Stephanie likes to counsel her… free therapy all around this house. The boys are from the same donor. Tall blonde and blue eyes! Jonah their oldest looks like Felicia and everyone swears Carson looks like Stephanie. Felicia carried them both.

Someone gave them the brother shirts for a gift for the boys – so they matched a black and white theme. They also think blue/tan represented a good natural boy color so they arranged their other outfits based on that color theme.

“Our concerns were our 2 yr old son- his short term span. Karen had patience to deal with him. Our session went great- very pleased”

“Our dogs are very special – they are Westies! Sadie and Maddie. Sadie was a birthday gift. Stephanie was raised with Westies all her life. Felicia got Maddie because she wanted a baby. They are our girls! Loving and cuddly. “

” We loved Karen’s friendly, kind personality and thought she was the photographer for us. Have treats for your toddler – don’t have expectations that are set high! Karen will get photos don’t worry! Expect tears.”

I started getting into wall art design and came up with these two designs for them. Let me know what you think!

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