Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where Is Your Studio Located? 

I have a studio space located at 127 Union Ave, Middlesex, NJ. Hours by appointment only. It is primarily for babies 6 months and older, headshots, and maternity sessions.  Newborn and 3/4 month (including 100 days) baby sessions are done in client's home. Family and extended family sessions are done outdoors.  

Q2. How Far Can You Travel? 

Until otherwise stated, I would be working with clients within Central New Jersey for now and not beyond. Of course, my services would cover the majority parts of Middlesex, Somerset, Mercer, Monmouth, Hunterdon, Ocean, and Union counties. 

Q3. What Are Your Studio Hours? 

My services are by appointment only. It usually does not include weekdays or any major holidays. Most sessions will be conducted on the weekends with Sundays being the most popular. 

Q4. Are You Insured? 

Yes, absolutely! I am very enthusiastic about the quality and safety of the captured moments shared with my clients. This is why Photography by MuSen, LLC gets the adequate insurance coverage needed for the basic safety of your photos. 

Q5. Are You All Up-to-date With Your Vaccinations? 

Having had enough expertise in this profession for years, I have realized that proper hygiene should be maintained. Since every photographic session requires some level of body contact, I make sure to practice good self-care always. 

Special COVID-19 Update:

Sessions shall be conducted outdoors if possible, I am able to set up backdrops and make it a studio environment.

The Photographer will be wearing a mask at all times and practice frequent hand washing/sanitizing, and wear gloves if needed.

Photos will be taken at a social distance wherever possible.

Liability waivers are required for all sessions.

Q6. What Is Your Advance Booking Time Frame? 

Because of the high demand for on-location photography services nowadays, I recommend that bookings be made at least one month in advance. This gives you enough time to get prepared for the appointment, and I also get to plan effectively ahead of the session. Also, a two-month advance booking placement is advised for customized themes and special props on the image. 

Q7. When Do You Start Planning The Session? 

Since I have at least one month advance booking, this helps to yield effective planning. Having said that, preparation and adequate planning of the session proceeds after the confirmation of a deposit. 

Q8. Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Payments for my photography services can be made with a preferred choice from these three options:

An installment plan which allows you access to the products only and after all installment is being made. 

The PayPal payment option allows you to get a 6-month interest free using the PayPal credit card. With this method of payment, I would send an invoice for the transaction through PayPal for bookkeeping and reference purposes. 

Lastly, payments can also be made via the Square payment plan. 

Q9. My House Isn't Very Big. Do You Need A Lot Of Space For Pictures? 

Basically, a minimum of an 8 ft x 8 ft apartment, with access to two three-prong outlets would do just fine. Most times, the living room and kitchen tend to have the space fitting that description. Regardless, we can always make room for space by moving a few pieces of furniture. 

Q10. My House Is Messy. Should I Clean Up Before The Session? 

It's your home, and I'd love for you to feel as comfortable as possible in it without feeling judged. However, this shoot could be the right motivation you need to keep and maintain a deep clean house moving on. 

Q11. My House Is A Bit Dark. Would It Still Work? 

Absolutely! I use both natural and strobe light. The natural light shines into the room first then the strobe light as a backup. 

Q12. Where Can We Go For Outdoor Pictures? 

The choice for an outdoor location is totally dependent on where you stay. Of course, I have varying recommended locations that serve different photography purposes. Nonetheless, I would be happy to explore the location of your choice if you've had eyes on one. However, please be aware that many locations are known to charge fees for outdoor pictures. This is called a professional photographer permit fee, and that would be your responsibility to cover. 

Q13. How Long Is A Session? 

The location of each session is a determinant of the time-lapse per session. Outdoor pictures normally would take 1.5 hours from setting up to packing down. On the other hand, indoor pictures vary between two hours and could go as long as four hours for newborn shoots. 

Q14. How Many People Can Be In A Session? I take pictures of solo individual and group pictures with as many as 20 people most times. However, the limitation on the number of people per shoot or session is determined by the backdrop. A family portrait of six can be done indoor using the home layout. For numbers larger than six, I would highly recommend an outdoor shoot.

Q15. Do You Provide Maternity Gowns? 

Presently, I have a few maternity gowns available for use during sessions in my costume section. However, if you would prefer a particular style or color out of my collection, a request can be made to source them. Regardless, please note that an ample amount of time should be given and extra charges expected for such service. 

Q16. Do You Provide Baby Props? 

Yes, I provide all kinds of baby props and in their latest styles for my newborn sessions. But feel free to use additional items with special meanings during the session. I also have in my collection special baby props at hand for 100 days, sitter, and first birthday. All special inquiries attract extra charges and time to source for those props. 

Q17. Do You Include Hair And Makeup Services? 

At the moment, no I do not. However, I would be happy to recommend one or two trusted freelance makeup and hairstylist or salons to you. 

Q18. Do You Include The Cake In Cake Smash Sessions? 

No, however, I have a lasting relationship with a few cake artists and would be happy to recommend one to you. 

Q19. Do You Provide Customized Themes? 

Yes, I provide customization services for both indoor and outdoor sessions. Regardless, it must be noted that these services require extended time and attract customization fees. 

Q20. What Are The Differences Between Social Size, Full-Resolution, And High-Resolution Digital Images? 

The image dimensions of social size images are good for social media, texting, and email sharing. Social size images can be printed into 4x6 sizes at any retail store. On the other hand, full-resolution digital sizes can be printed up to 5x7 and high-resolution digital sizes can be printed up to 11x14 in prints and products per professional lab quality. Much bigger sizes can be printed from other printing outlets. 

Q21. Do You Provide Print Release With Your Digital Images? 

Yes, I do. 

Q22. Why Should I Order Print Products Through You? 

First of all, prints last much longer than digital files and you always make the best connections with the pictures you print out. I highly recommend invest in print products for keepsake and home decoration, and keep the memories alive around you. My computer screen is calibrated to the printers of the professional lab I use, so the prints won’t lose their colors. Prints often appear to look 'washed out' compare o the digital version got from a retail store. Also, I provide services such as album/book design, background extension, and wall art designs. The products you order through me is back by my quality guarantee. 

Q23. Do You Offer Wall Gallery Installation Services? 

Not at the moment, but it's currently on the list of my active projects for the company. Your recommendations would go a long way for a start. 

Q24. Do You Take Pet Photos? 

Pets inclusive sessions are welcomed, but I do not shoot pet-only sessions. 

Q25. Do You Shoot Weddings And Events? 

No, I don't take on weddings and events photography jobs. However, I can refer you to trusted wedding and events professional photographers that would deliver great jobs. 

Q26. Do You Offer Commercial Shoots? 

I provide professional headshots and personal branding services as well as marketing images for small business owners within my service areas. 

Q27. I Don't Know What To Wear For The Session. Can You Help? 

Absolutely! My unique fashion taste has over time given me the privilege to style my clients. I would be happy to provide a style guide and outfit suggestions to you if needed. 

Q28. I Am Concerned About Parts Of My Body Looking Unattractive. Can You Photoshop Those? 

I can work with removing obvious distractions in the background, touch up blemishes and improve your skin tone. Also, we will work with lighting and posing to help further flatter your images and make you look and feel confident. My goal is to portray the best version of you, and not create an illusion of your personality. 

Q29. Can I Send You My Pinterest Finds So You Understand What I Want For My Session? 

Like the saying; a picture says a thousand words. Yes, your Pinterest finds will help me understand what you want better. However, please bear in mind that each session of your Pinterest finds is unique. Your finds will serve as inspirations and insights to the session but do not expect a direct replica. 

Q30. I Am Too Busy. Can We Skip The Pre-session Consultation And Reveal Meeting? 

Trust me, these meetings are included for your own benefit. They have both been scheduled for me to meet your expectations. Also, to help you to pick out the best photos for the products you would love. Take advantage of that.

Q31. How Long Do You Keep The Online Gallery? 

The images available under each client's section on the gallery are only active for three months. All images are expected to be downloaded and backed up with reliable storage devices and online platforms. You can also consider printing a few copies out, as they last longer than the digital formats. 

Q32. Do You Offer Mini Sessions? 

I only offer a few mini-session series each year. Winter holiday minis are usually hosted on the 2nd weekend in November. Valentine's Day, Spring/Easter, Fall/Halloween minis might be offered if there is enough demand. I also offer private minis for First Communion portraits. Return customers members are also qualified for the Spontaneous Mini during Spring Flower and Fall Foliage seasons.  

Q33. Do You Have A Loyalty Program? 

Of course, I offer loyalty programs. I acknowledge customers who have shown loyalty to my portrait business within a specific period. These customers will be eligible for the loyalty program where they get to earn incentives. The incentives often come from referring my services to others which leads to enjoying loyal customers’ additional benefits. 

Q34. Do You Offer Workshops And Classes? 

I offer both adult and kids workshops through other organizations. To get access to the information regarding my workshops and classes, kindly sign up on my mailing list. 

Q35. Do You Offer Mentorship And Coaching? 

Glad you asked! I have a goal to eventually write an e-book and run an online coaching program. This mentorships and coaching program would specifically help career moms get freedom through career diversification. Stay connected to be notified when that goes live!