Family photo shoots offer an opportunity to seize those fleeting moments that define our connections with loved ones. At MuSen Photography, we understand the true magic of family bonds. With our expertise, we help you preserve these precious moments and create stunning family portraits that reflect the love within your family.

Photo Shoots for Families in Brunswicks, NJ

What Makes Family Photo Shoots With MuSen Special?

At MuSen Photography, we take a personalized approach when it comes to photo shoots for families. We take time to understand the unique dynamics of your family. Whether it's capturing the joyful pillow fights on Sunday mornings or the serene moments of baking cookies together in the afternoon, every session with us feels like home.
We are excited to introduce our new collection for 2024. Our hand-edited portraits and premium professional-grade products are expertly curated collections, designed to give you the picture-perfect outcome you deserve. We have three distinctive collections to meet varying preferences:

family portfolio

Enjoy beautiful photo edits and a luxurious customizable album, all kept safe in a lovely box. In addition, you'll also receive a great discount in the future on our signature collection. Take advantage of a special deal on wall art to proudly display your memories, making this collection truly the best choice for keepsakes.

This collection features signature edited images that beautifully capture the essence of your special moments. With a customizable elegance photobook and a handcrafted keepsake box, your memories will be elegantly displayed. Plus, enjoy exclusive discounts on future sessions and wall art, adding even more value to your collection.

Start your family portrait journey with the Sapling Collection, a perfect choice for capturing your precious moments. This collection features carefully selected signature edited images presented in a classic portrait box. The Sapling Collection is an excellent starting point for your family portraits.

Sequoia Collection 

Oak Collection

Sapling Collection

At MuSen Photography, we specialize in capturing beautiful moments in photo shoots for families. Our session process results in timeless photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime. Here is a breakdown of the steps involved:

Seamless Session Experience

Discovery Call: We start with a personal Zoom call to understand your vision for the family's photo shoot.
Booking the Session: Once you have decided on the details, we promptly set a date for the photo shoot.
Pre-Session Consultation: We conduct a face-to-face or Zoom consultation to go over every detail and ensure everything is perfect for your family.
The Session: We provide gentle guidance to capture candid beauty and the unique connections within your family.
Presentation and Ordering: After the Zoom or face-to-face session, you choose your favorite shots and customize the editing style to your preferences. We offer newborn, baby, and family photography. Plus, a variety of services, including maternity, newborn, 100 days, sitter, first birthday, and family sessions.
Product Delivery: We deliver the finished pieces to your doorstep.

Session Process

At MuSen Photography, we prioritize relaxed and stress-free photo shoots for families. So we don’t adhere to strict time constraints. While session length naturally concludes based on the flow of the session, we can provide a recommended session length based on our extensive experience.

Sapling Family Photography
Our Sapling sessions take place in the studio, providing a professional and controlled environment. These sessions focus on highlighting family bonding. With a single setup, we aim to capture the unique essence and personality of your family.

Oak & Sequoia Family Photos

Our Oak & Sequoia sessions offer the flexibility of in-studio and outdoor settings with multiple setups for diverse images. These sessions accommodate multiple subjects and can include professional hair and makeup for one person, enhancing the elegance and confidence of your portraits.

MuSen Photography specializes in family photo shoots, providing a range of services and expertise to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience for your family. Our goal is to capture the genuine love and bond within your family, preserving those precious moments for you to cherish forever. Here are some key features that make our family photo shoots special:

Outfit Coordination and Preparation Guide
We offer outfit coordination advice and a preparation guide to help you achieve a cohesive and stylish look in your family photos. This is particularly helpful when working with small children, ensuring that everyone looks their best.

Grouping and Posing
We plan out the grouping of family members and direct posing to create visually appealing compositions. We aim to capture the unique connections and emotions within your family, resulting in beautiful and authentic photographs.

Experience With Small Children
We understand the challenges of working with small children during a photo shoot. We have experience handling children of all ages and creating a comfortable and relaxed environment to capture natural and joyful expressions.

Handling Large Groups
Whether it's an extended family gathering or a session with multiple generations, we have the expertise to handle large groups. We organize and capture the dynamics of big family moments to ensure that everyone is included.

Location Scouting for Outdoor Shoots
If you choose an outdoor photo shoot, we offer location-scouting services. We carefully scout picturesque locations that align with your vision and preferences, providing a beautiful backdrop for your family portraits.

Extensive Planning
We prioritize meticulous planning to ensure a well-organized and efficient session. By working closely with our clients, we create a customized photo shoot experience that meets their needs and captures the essence of their family.

Post-Editing Expertise
Our post-editing process includes techniques such as head swapping, particularly useful for sessions with small children and large groups. We pay attention to detail to ensure that everyone looks their best in the final images.

At MuSen Photography, we believe in creating timeless and authentic family portraits. Our personalized approach and attention to detail ensure that every photo shoot is a magical experience. Trust us to capture timeless family photos that will last for a lifetime.

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Capturing Timeless Family Photos With MuSen Photography

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