This holiday season brings me a very special session. I have always wanted to do an outdoor holiday session at a Christmas tree farm. Lots of thanks to Giamarese Farm & Orchards for providing the location.

What makes it even more special is that it is an extended family session with 11 little cousins. Their grandparents have been asking forever for a picture of all the grandchildren. Their parents can never organize it so they thought it would be a great holiday surprise!

“We tried to be not matchy matchy but still coordinate. We started with maroon and went from there. “

Their parents favorite part of the session: Watching the kids interact, laugh, and just be happy to be together!

The parents were worried about coordinating them all. “Even though it seems undoable, you will love the pictures no matter how they come out because they show cousins who really care for each other. ”

From MuSen: What a fun fun fun session! The kids have so much energy! For this session I added bonus winterize effects to every picture. Clients get both original and winterized versions. There is no need to wait for real snow day. Session took place on a fairly warm day as you could see from the outfits. As many like to dress light for photo sessions, including winterize effect helps to erase your worrying about kids getting sick from the cold weather.

Again I cannot thank enough for Giamarese Farm & Orchards for this! Instead of charging us for location fee, the Giamarese family asks everyone to help support Farmers Against Hunger! We made our donation. Join us and donate here.

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