For the 2nd year in a row, I am donating an outdoor session to support Max Challenge of East Brunswick’s Day of Giving program. This year, Max Challenge of East Brunswick has chosen the East Brunswick Daisy Recreation Program to be their charity of choice. The Daisy Recreation Program is the first and oldest program for people with special needs in East Brunswick.

Agnes is the winner of my prize. She wanted to support the fundraiser as it serves a wonderful local cause – the Daisy program for special needs kids in our community.

Also, like many people today, She has many casual photos of family in her phone or computer to show and share off the device, but she finds it difficult to go through the process to achieve actual beautiful printed photos of the family that can be physically displayed in the home and cherished over the years. “Not everyone is included in my own snapshots, the lighting or quality is often less than perfect etc. Therefore, when I saw the photography prize, I immediately knew it would be something I would like to win very much. Working with Karen and seeing the results just prove to me again how incredibly lucky winning that prize was!”, said Agnes.

They celebrated her Mom’s 71st birthday during the reunion, and it was her nephew’s first time visiting in NJ. They loved also going to the July 4th parade together in Milltown. “It was fun!”

Prior to the session I had done location scouting at several different places and we decided to conduct the session at Davidson’s Mill Pond Park, a local hidden gem for family outdoor sessions. We hit a heat wave. The session was rescheduled once because of that. The rescheduled session day was still hot. “It was hot, but the time (6 p.m.) and a light breeze made it pleasant. The park is just beautiful and we were glad that Karen helped us choose the location. We liked the laid-back and accommodating vibe that Karen brought to the photo session”, recalled Agnes.

Agnes shares thoughts about the crew’s outfit choices: “We didn’t want to look very formal and wanted to use comfortable clothes from their regular wardrobes. But to have a more pulled-together look in terms of color and overall look, as Karen suggested, we settled on some common colors: blue, tan, and white (with some grey possible). Many people in the group were visiting, and I wanted to make it possible for all of us to be able to find something quickly that would work for each person. Just a couple of items were purchased for the photo sessions at places like Kohl’s and TJMaxx (Nica’s white shirt, my blouse).”

They had some worries about the weather (high temperatures) and how the oldest (Marianne) and youngest (Luca) member of the family would feel physically under the circumstances. “Karen’s flexibility as to the duration of the session – and being able to get such wonderful photos quickly – made things smooth and not stressful at all”, said Agnes.

The session came out beautifully. Here are some tips from Agnes: “Follow Karen’s advice as to location, poses, color scheme, etc. Allow for individuality and favorite items of clothing within your overall color scheme to make sure everyone feels comfortable. Relax and enjoy the session!”

Thanks again for supporting a great cause!

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