Book a session with me with a peace of mind. Photography by MuSen, LLC is a fully insured photography service provider.


  • Currently providing portrait services in East Brunswick, NJ and neighborhood towns only. Selective events booking.

  • Booking a month or longer in advance is highly recommended as my schedule gets filled up very quickly. To ensure the quality of my portrait sessions, I have a limited number of sessions I can schedule per month.

  • On location portraits are usually taken on Saturdays and Sundays during the day. Outdoor sessions are usually taken on Saturday and Sunday late afternoon approximately 1.5 hours prior to sunset (aka the Golden hour), weather permitting.

  • No booking retainer fee or session fee required for regular portrait sessions unless a deposit is required to purchase special props specific for the session. However, you must understand and willing to bear the possible consequences of waiting for months for another available slot and completely missing your children’s important milestones. Contracts and booking retainer fee required on maternity, baby’s first year plan sessions, wedding, and other special events where deemed to be appropriate.

  • Cancellation shall be notified at least 48 hours in advance. Rescheduling is highly recommended in order to guarantee you a session in the near future.

  • If the weather isn’t agreeable on the day of your session for outdoor portraits, I will gladly reschedule to another day or switch to an indoor lifestyle/candid portrait session.

  • If you want to switch your on location session to an outdoor session, you must notify me at least 24 hours in advance. I spend a considerable amount of time planning the themes and packing my equipment, backdrops, and props. I appreciate your considerations.

  • In the event I must cancel a session due to unforeseen emergency, personal illness/injury, or situation beyond my control, I will notify you immediately and offer a rescheduled session at a discounted price.

  • Some locations might require admission and/or permit fee for professional portrait services. I will do my best to conduct research for you and inform you of such fees and would ask you to do the same. If you are aware of such fees and still would like portraits to be taken at that particular location, I will not be responsible for those fees or any fees in similar nature that are not considered part of my service.

  • I reserve the rights to reject location and/or theme ideas that are deemed to be controversial and will do my best to offer alternative solutions and provide clients educational resources to my best knowledge.

Prepare for the Session:

  • A good session starts with good preparation work and setting the right level of expectations.

  • When a session is booked, I will share with you detailed information on how to help each other better prepare for your session.

  • I highly recommend you go through the preparation with me in details. Make your own investment worthy.

During the Session:

  • You should allocate the recommended amount of time for the on-location session to allow me to set up and break down my equipment.

  • I highly encourage behind-the-scene pictures. Please forward those pictures to me.

  • All clients of Photography by MuSen are encouraged to sign a model and/or image release depending on the session. This allows me to demonstrate my work to others like you who are looking for a particular portrait photography style that I can deliver. At the end of the session, you will be given a release form to sign. Special instructions, such as only children’s images can be published, or only partial face views can be shown in public domain, no revealing of real names, etc. can be requested and must be specified in writing on the release form while signing.

  • I respect client’s privacy. Information collected from clients in person, over the phone, in emails, through website etc. is strictly confidential.

  • Although all my equipment is portable and lightweight and can rarely cause any damages, please take responsibility to follow proper safety measures, and especially watch small children closely to prevent any foreseeable accidents from happening.

  • In the event there is an understandable reason preventing a session from going forward smoothly, I will gladly stop the session and offer rescheduling upon your request.

  • Because Murphy’s Law applies to photographers as well, in the event that photographic materials are damaged, lost through camera and equipment malfunction, memory card malfunction, or otherwise lost or damaged without the fault on the part of the Photographer, I am gladly to offer you a makeup session free of charge.

  • Please watch your own belongings. Photography by MuSen is not responsible for any lost properties.

  • Photography by MuSen shall not be held liable for any injury or damage occur during the session.


  • Full payment is expected at the end of the session.

  • Clients are responsible for any other fees such as admission, permit, etc. occurred that are not included as part of my service as explained in the booking section.

  • Cash or credit cards only for first time clients. Checks acceptable for return clients. Returned check fees apply.

After the Session:

  • Proofs will be released within 3 days after the session.

  • Generally speaking please allow about 2 to 3 weeks after the proofs selection has been confirmed for final images to be delivered. This is to ensure I have sufficient time for post editing work. Selected images (usually no more than 5 images) can be released first upon request to meet certain client timeline such as to be used for invitations, greeting cards, social media posting on the exact date of an event, etc.

  • Once final images are delivered, all proofs will be deleted.

  • High resolution is defined as can be printed upto 8×10 size for regular sessions, and upto 5×7 size for mini or documentary sessions. Refer to each session description for details.
  • After receiving your images, please review them immediately. You have 2 weeks from the delivery of the images to request images for additional basic editing work such as cropping, toning, blemish retouching, simple B&W effects, or any obvious errors. Please specify what you need in details as only one attempt will be made. After the 2 weeks period, any additional editing work will be subject to a fee. No additional special effects can be requested without a fee. No editing work will be provided on behind-the-scenes images. Refer to my À la carte Menu for information on fees.
  • Photography by MuSen holds copyrights of all images produced.

  • You will be granted photography release with your images delivery. I would greatly appreciate you link credits to my website and/or social media sites when posting images that reflect my original work online.

  • Please refrain from further post editing my work without my authorization, especially if it is done professionally through another photography or image processing service provider. Social media or post editing through 3rd party APP or software such as Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat filters or any in such similar nature for personal entertainment purpose is not recommended. Link credits to my original work only.

  • Please back up your images responsibly. All clients’ full size images and digital negatives will be purged after 3 months of delivery. You might only be able to retrieve web quality sample images with studio watermark in the event you lost your images after the 3 months period but even that cannot be guaranteed.

  • No digital negatives or any images other than what were delivered as final products will be ever provided.

*Policy subject to change without notice. Terms specified in the Contacts override the Policy. If there is no contract, please always refer to this website for the latest version.

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