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Hi, there! I’m Karen - a boutique family photographer with a special love for babies! 

About Karen

It has become a tradition in my photography business that I work on a few “giveback” projects every year to help promote child & family well-being – an area that particularly interests me. It could be in the form of donating a session as a prize to support a campaign, hosting fundraising minis for a particular organization, and sponsoring a complimentary session to help raise awareness for a cause. I often research online to find the match. This year, I came across Melissa’s post in a Facebook Mom group. After connecting with her, we agreed on this photo project to together raise awareness for Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).

Brielle, 8-month-old, a heart warrior

The heart community celebrates February because it is known as heart month. It is a time when the community can raise awareness of a disease that isn’t spoken about nearly enough as it should be. This is Brielle’s first heart month and Melissa wanted to find someone to capture the beauty of her scar.

February is American Heart Month

I never want her to be ashamed or embarrassed of it because this is her fight, her journey, her story. She has overcome so much in such a short amount of time and I could not be happier to advocate for her until she can tell her story.

– Melissa, Breille’s Mommy

1 out of every 100 babies is born with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). Brielle is that 1 out of 100. Her CHD is called Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF), which is 4 defects within her heart. Usually, doctors like to wait around 4-6 months to operate so the baby can gain weight and hopefully have a better outcome in their recovery. Sadly, that was not Brielle’s case. She was in the hospital for 5 weeks before her team of doctors said she can no longer wait for her surgery. She needed it now. At 40 days old, Brielle had her chest cut open and her sternum broken, so the surgeon could fix her heart. This surgery should’ve taken around 6 hours but it ended up being 9 hours because her surgeon found a second hole in her heart, which is rather uncommon with ToF. Her little body went through so much in the 3 weeks she stayed in the hospital recovering but thankfully, she chose to fight. Even when she was in pain, she still managed to put a smile on her face. After 61 days of being inpatient, she was finally discharged.

Unfortunately, Brielle and most other ToF patients will need more interventions on their heart throughout their life. I notice a common misconception is people assume that since the initial repair was a success, that there will never be a need for other surgeries/procedures, which is incorrect.

– Melissa, Brielle’s Mommy

During my initial research, I confused the acronym CHD with CDH. I prepared a 2nd backdrop that resembles the colors of the CDH ribbon. It is supposed to be a surprise in addition to the heart theme backdrop Melissa and I discussed. Melissa corrected me that CHD’s ribbon is blue and red. However, she happily accepted the surprise because the color is also a rainbow color.

Brielle is my rainbow baby that has changed my outlook on life. She made me realize how incredibly precious life is and that you should live every day like it is your last.

Melissa, Brielle’s Mommy

According to Melissa, the 6 photos in this blog captured Brielle in different attitudes of hers. Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week is observed each year during February 7–14. Brielle is participating in the 2022 Share Your Heart®Photo Contest hosted by Mended Hearts®. You can vote for her daily here through 2/28/2022.

Brielle’s photoshoot falls under the sitter milestone during a baby’s first year. Interest in learning more about a sitter session? Visit my Sitter Portfolio.

- L. (maternity and newborn sessions customer)

I had an extremely anxious pregnancy after my miscarriage, which is why I didn't reach out to you until so late, but you really went out of your way to accommodate and make it happen for me and my family. I'm so glad that I have all these photos of this special time in our lives and the captures of (our) brand new baby. I'll be forever grateful for the perfect moments you captured. Thank you again, so much."

"Hi Karen. Just wanted to really say thank you again for everything with our sessions. I could not be happier with how they both turned out."

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We have gotten many compliments from visiting guests. The photos you took are candid and captured true moments of joy. The product has amazing quality and yet very easy to install. I can’t wait to get another great collage for the upcoming family shoots. Thank you Karen.

"We absolutely loved the wall collage you designed for us. It has become the focal point of our great room"

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She listened to what type of photos we were looking to achieve and offered suggestions since she is in fact the professional! Karen was always very responsive if I had any questions leading up to the actual photo shoot and was an absolute pleasure to work with the day of our session. Everything went very smooth, and our proofs were delivered very quickly. After the selection process, our final images were delivered also very quickly and looked so amazing. We have received so many compliments and will be using Karen again in the future. I highly recommend MuSen Photography to anyone looking for quality professional photography!

"Karen was amazing to work with from the very beginning through to the delivery of our final photos"

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I hired her to do my daughters first birthday party photos and she captured the moment perfectly. I was so pleased with her work I hired her again to do a mother and daughters photo shoot for Mother’s Day. She NAILED IT one of the most beautiful photo shoots I have ever seen. Karen picked the location, lighting, told us how to pose her eye for perfection is beyond words she saw my vision and made it come true. She also was very easy to contact and communicate with. The turn over time to receive the photos was fast and easy. Karen is also very sweet it was truly a pleasure working with her.  I highly recommend her and if perfection is what you seek Karen is definitely the one.  I look forward to working with her again. Thank you so much Karen you rock .

"Karen is absolutely amazing."

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Truthfully from the beginning when we met in the diner to the very end of our day to stay to capture all of our memories. You were a pleasure to work with and we will be using you again for sure for our family photos and every event we have. I love most about you that your attention to details and making sure you get everything right and perfect for us. 

"Karen what can I say but you are fabulous"

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Once again I'm so grateful that you managed to squeeze us in and did such wonderful work with our newborn! We absolutely love the prints and can't wait to put them up around house! I can't wait to book you for his 1 year shoot!

"Hi Karen, thank you so much!"

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