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Hi, there! I’m Karen - a boutique family photographer with a special love for babies! 

About Karen

As a photographer, specializing in family photography, I always encourage my clients to invest in wall art designed with portraits from their photo sessions. In today’s digital world, this is often neglected because many people are used to thinking of only digital and social media; although some do plan on designing and printing the wall art themselves. Pictures shared on social media get forgotten very quickly. And the reality of a self-planned home decorating project, is that it often gets put on the back burner and eventually forgotten as time goes by. Beautiful family pictures that are printed out and displayed around the house do make the best connection with us, as those family memories stay with us for a much longer time.

Why choose a family photographer who focuses on wall art?

Quality is the number one reason. Making a digital only product vs. a wall art piece requires different levels of commitments. Digital photos, especially the ones used for social media sharing, do not require much attention to details, because electronic displays compress the image even if it is made with great quality. Therefore, it is overkill for photographers specializing in family photography to invest too much time producing work that are only intended to be shared digitally.Wall art pieces, from design to production, on the other hand, require the photographers to carry advanced skills both when taking and editing the photos. It also requires the photographers to possess a certain level of interior design knowledge. The mindset behind “print big” and “making an art piece” challenges the photographers to be better both in their technical competency and their customer service quality.

Why have the wall art designed and made through a family photography professional?

First of all, having the wall art designed and made through a professional in family portrait photography ensures that your home decorating project gets done beautifully and in a timely manner, instead of being forgotten over time. It also saves you a lot of hassles and takes the guesswork out of putting a design together.

Having your photographer design and make the wall art also empowers us to deliver the best well thought, high-grade products that would meet your expectations. With the intention of producing an art piece in mind, we plan and make beautiful family pictures that would be great for wall art display during the actual photo session already.

Over the years, I often receive complaints from clients that the prints they make them selves appear to be dark and washed out in colors. Printing through a photographer can avoid that problem. This is because electronic display devices are all calibrated differently. A photo therefore would appear different in colors and tones across different display devices.Photographers usually print through professional labs (or we might have our own in-house printing equipment). Our screens are calibrated to the printer profiles in the labs or our own in-house printing equipment to ensure the prints we make would represent closest to what we see on our own screens.

Last but not least, photographers who value family photography prints always go for archival-grade products. The motivation behind it is simple-we want to make heirloom pieces that can be passed onto future generations. Such mentality will be directly reflected in the quality of our work and service.

Most commonly chosen wall art decor items

There are a range of wall art decor items to choose from that would meet different budgets.Gallery wraps and custom frames for family portrait photography are still among the two most popular choices.

Many people love gallery wraps for their rich textures and elegant, simplicity look. When choosing gallery wraps, most people love to have that three dimensional feel by having the photo extend to the edge of the print. Depending on the original size of your photos and the sizeof the wraps you pick, image extensions might be required. This is when a photographer’s expertise comes very handy.

When it comes to gallery wraps, I always encourage my clients to go for a big but simple design.It can be a few in a row or just a single piece.

Above is an example of a 30″x30″ gallery wrap my client Analisa ordered. I applied an image extension editing service so the photo wraps around the edges to achieve that artistic three dimensional look. The photo is displayed on her foyer at the top of stairs. Analisa is a “JoanneGaines wanna-be”. She enjoys everything related to home renovation and all things HGTV. She has dreams of one day leaving her corporate job and flipping houses or doing home redesign. I am thrilled to see that as a home design enthusiast, Analisa chooses to decorate her home with this beautiful family picture from her summer family photography outdoor portrait session with me.

Custom frames offer the most flexibility but many people find the process intimidating, because there are way too many elements to consider-whether it is size choice, frame design, mat width/color, mounting option, protective method…getting professional help would save you lots of time and energy. Many photographers, including myself, invest in samples, templates, and software to aid our wall art design.

Here is an example of a custom frame I designed for my client Karen. The picture inside the frame is 20″x30″ in size. Karen chose this particular frame design so it matches her overall home decor style. She loves the texture of a canvas in high shine glossy look, but does not like mat nor wish the photo to be covered by glass or acrylic. We therefore chose a high gloss gel coated (for both the look and protection) canvas print and mounted it on 1/8″ masonite before framing. If desired, we can also add brush stroke effect coating.

Here is another example of a custom frame I designed for my client Dantley and Brian. The picture inside is 20”x24” fine art print mounted and matted. They chose a frame that goes well with their home interior color. Overall size is 26.75”x30.75”. It is protected by non-glare acrylic.Besides gallery wraps and custom frames, metal, wood, and acrylic prints are gaining popularity as well. They are great for modern home designs but are limited in size choice and other customization options.

20×30 Acrylic

20×30 Metal
20×30 Canvas Float Frame

How to work with your family photographer on your wall art designs

The most effective way is to visualize it. Your photographer will most likely set up an appointment to show you samples and understand your needs and requirements. Such service provides great values and should be taken full advantage of. Your photographer might ask you for a picture of the wall (with surrounding decors, structures, etc.) along with measurements to assist the design. We might also arrange a virtual consultation through a live meeting, or even arrange an in-home visit and take measurements for you. During this consultation, you will have the chance to explore different types of products your photographer offers and determine which ones fit your home decoration needs and requirements. We will then attempt to design the wall art gallery for you using templates or software and plan the shoot to make photos that will go well with the design.

Here is an example of a wall art gallery concept I did for a client using a design template. The family photography session, in this case, was planned with different sub-groups and poses in mind so there will be various beautiful family pictures going into this gallery design. The design features a combination of 16″x20″ frames with matted 11″x14″ prints, 11″x14″ frames with matted 8″x10″ prints, 8″x10″ frame with matted 5″x7″ print and 5″x7″ with matted 4″x6″ print.

Besides wall art gallery, you can also consider display frames on shelves, desks, or arrange a few albums and books be used as coffee table decors. Image boxes and portfolio boxes are great for your home library as well.

All products come with beautiful boutique packaging and will be hand delivered.

Boutique packaging of 8×10 portfolio box and 27×31 frame
12×12 Album Box Set with Velvet Cover

- L. (maternity and newborn sessions customer)

I had an extremely anxious pregnancy after my miscarriage, which is why I didn't reach out to you until so late, but you really went out of your way to accommodate and make it happen for me and my family. I'm so glad that I have all these photos of this special time in our lives and the captures of (our) brand new baby. I'll be forever grateful for the perfect moments you captured. Thank you again, so much."

"Hi Karen. Just wanted to really say thank you again for everything with our sessions. I could not be happier with how they both turned out."

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We have gotten many compliments from visiting guests. The photos you took are candid and captured true moments of joy. The product has amazing quality and yet very easy to install. I can’t wait to get another great collage for the upcoming family shoots. Thank you Karen.

"We absolutely loved the wall collage you designed for us. It has become the focal point of our great room"

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She listened to what type of photos we were looking to achieve and offered suggestions since she is in fact the professional! Karen was always very responsive if I had any questions leading up to the actual photo shoot and was an absolute pleasure to work with the day of our session. Everything went very smooth, and our proofs were delivered very quickly. After the selection process, our final images were delivered also very quickly and looked so amazing. We have received so many compliments and will be using Karen again in the future. I highly recommend MuSen Photography to anyone looking for quality professional photography!

"Karen was amazing to work with from the very beginning through to the delivery of our final photos"

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I hired her to do my daughters first birthday party photos and she captured the moment perfectly. I was so pleased with her work I hired her again to do a mother and daughters photo shoot for Mother’s Day. She NAILED IT one of the most beautiful photo shoots I have ever seen. Karen picked the location, lighting, told us how to pose her eye for perfection is beyond words she saw my vision and made it come true. She also was very easy to contact and communicate with. The turn over time to receive the photos was fast and easy. Karen is also very sweet it was truly a pleasure working with her.  I highly recommend her and if perfection is what you seek Karen is definitely the one.  I look forward to working with her again. Thank you so much Karen you rock .

"Karen is absolutely amazing."

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Truthfully from the beginning when we met in the diner to the very end of our day to stay to capture all of our memories. You were a pleasure to work with and we will be using you again for sure for our family photos and every event we have. I love most about you that your attention to details and making sure you get everything right and perfect for us. 

"Karen what can I say but you are fabulous"

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Once again I'm so grateful that you managed to squeeze us in and did such wonderful work with our newborn! We absolutely love the prints and can't wait to put them up around house! I can't wait to book you for his 1 year shoot!

"Hi Karen, thank you so much!"

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